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Being back in my home state of Wisconsin I am drawn to old, worn down and left behind items which are often found in antique stores. Even more exciting when I find cast away items in fields where they are slowly being broken down by nature. I am drawn to the textures and colors and the idea that this item, whatever it is, was once important to someone and being used on a daily basis.

Since being back home I also enjoy capturing the details of nature. Things as simple as a leaf or flower petals become graphic and intriguing when viewed in a different way. Isn't that was photography is about? Capturing a moment in time and show the viewer something unique about it?


To order and see how any of my fine art photography will accent your home or office, click the link below and you can order directly from the site. If you have questions or would like to commission a project please email me:


You can also find a selection of my fine art photographs on  

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